Concrete Testing & Field Inspection

Mix Design and Field Testing: General observation of procedures; form verification, rebar placement, verification that stockpiled materials are not contaminated before going into the mix, concrete batching and quantities; and materials testing including -slump, air entrainment, temperature, unit weight, test specimen fabrication, casting of units, curing, compressive strength and flexural beam test specimens, stripping units, post-pour inspections, and shipping inspection.

Plant Inspection: Our plant inspectors are responsible for the review of mix designs and shop drawings; inspection of all fabricated pieces and components; and review of all plants, mixers, trucks and stressing equipment for compliance to specifications. Inspectors witness sieve analyses, moisture tests and aggregate sampling procedures prior to and during concrete batching. Inspectors are responsible to witness compression strength testing of concrete cylinders. In addition, material samples are obtained for departmental testing of composition.

Pre-Cast Installation: Parking Structures, Bridges and Slabs.

Laboratory: Compression strength of cylinders and Flexural strength of beams